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Brief history of António Costa

He worked and studied management areas, having lived for 25 years the intensity and demand of one of the most competitive markets in society, banking. In 2000, began to study his passion, human behaviour, until in 2017, he decided to take the leap of faith and change profession, dedicating his life 100% to this area, with a greater focus on Mindfulness.


Below you will find some of the actions she has taken and some more details of her curriculum.

Actions taken and Curriculum note

In Education

  • Moderator/speaker in: conferences in the education area: Montemor o Novo Schools Conference, Nova Lisboa Faculty, Instituto Superior Técnico, Parents Association,  Lectures at Junta Freguesia Estrela.

  • Implementation since 2019 of a Mindfulness Meditation project in the Ribatejo area, referring to the Integrated and Innovative Plan to Combat School Failure in Lezíria do Tejo, which encompasses 19 school groupings.


In companies

  • Workshops and courses in the following companies: Banco Santander Consumer; AKI, Medtronic, Multicare, BroadWay, IBM, InnoEnergy, YLD, Jungheinrich, AGEAS, HP, among others.


  • Workshops of Mindfulness e about other areas of personal development.

  • Course of personal development entitled "Discover your path" based in Coaching and Mindfulness.

  • Program to reduce stress by Mindfulness named MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Redution. 

  • Program to deal with the caos of life named “Finding Peace in a Frantic World”

  • Individual sessions adapted to the needs of the person, where is combine more than one area of study. 

Curriculum note of António Costa


  • Post-graduation in Prospective Innovation, Strategy (ISEG)

  • Training in NeuroManagment: Cognitive Neuroscience Applied to the Management of People, Innovation and Strategy

  • Training in Emotional Intelligence in Team Leadership - Development Systems 

  • Training in Coaching, Personal and Effective Leadership - Total Leader, by LMI - Leadership Management International

  • Facilitator of Family Constellations 

  • Various trainings in emotional intelligence areas, such as Lousie Hay Method, Psychosynthesis, Dragon Dreaming Methodology 

  • International Certified Master Coach (Professional Coach certified with Advanced Coaching Skills), by INCTA - International Coaching and NLP Training Academy

  • Certified Trainer (Certification in Pedagogical Skills) by IEFP

  • Degree in Psychology by Lusófona College (finalist)

In Mindfulness:


  • 10 days silent retreat in Dhama Dippa UK, designated as Vipassana Meditation Course, as taught by S.N. Goenka.

  • Participation in the Mindfulness Search Inside Yourself programme

  • Mindful Eating, a Course on Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food, by Jan Chozen Bays, MD

  • Mindfulness Qualified Teacher Training (MBSR) from UCSD Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute - University of California (School of Medicine), mentored in 25 sessions by Founding Director and Senior Lecturer at California College San Diego Center, Steve Hickman, Psy.D.

  • Mindfulness Teacher Retreat - Silence and Good Practice - Marrion Furr (Mindfulness Center of Oxford College)

  • Mindfulness training on "Finding Peace in a Franctic World" - by teachers, Marrion Furr and Chris Cullen from Oxford University UK: Mindfulness Center of Oxford College

  • 5 day Silence Retreat "Deepening our Experience of Mindfulness" led by Prof. Dh. Karunavira from Bangor University - School of Psychology

  • Advanced Mindfulness Teacher Training Intensive - Growing Into the Heart of Teaching MBSR - Dharma, Embodiment and the Refinement of Intention, by Professor Beth Mulligan from California State College, UC San Diego Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute

  • Specialised training in the area of education under the name "Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness", by the MindWell Institute, with teachers Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke

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