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Mindfulness & Silence - one day


Get out of the routine, get out of autopilot!

The demands and speed of today's society cause a disconnection with the inner self, requiring a stop, a reconnection. The purpose of this retreat is to achieve this goal through Mindfulness meditation and silence.

What will happen in more detail:

09:45: arrival of participants
10:00: start of retreat - hall

  • Guided mindfulness meditation practices

13:00: lunch with walk in the Gulbenkian garden 

  • Guided mindfulness meditation practices

16:00: end of the retreat


  • Lunch: you need to bring lunch

  • Clothing: comfortable and extra socks, as we will be barefoot in the living room

  • Notebook: anyone who wants to record their experiences.

Local: Espaço Mindful Living: Avenida Elias Garcia, 81, 4th floor (across Avenida da República) in the center of Lisbon.

Investment per participant: 

  • 30€ 

  • €20 for alumni or groups (two people together or more)

To formalize the registration, payment must be made by MBWay to the number 937937075 or to the IBAN:   PT50003600989910004567744

Send proof to email: or telm 937937075  


Advisor: Antonio Costa


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