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Mindfulness Based  Stress Reduction

Eight weeks
25 hours

Stress reduction course based on Mindfulness. 

1st scientific-based course to be created in the world, by Jon Kabat Zinn (Mindfulness Institute at the College of San Diego, California)


Finding Peace in a Frantic World

eight weeks
12 hours

Course aimed at intense markets, with shorter and more objective practices. 

Developed by the Mindfulness Institute at Oxford College, United Kingdom and recommended by the National Health System in this country.

Discover your path.

Twelve weeks
35 hours

Personal development course that follows a purpose of self-knowledge and conscious action.

It encompasses several areas of study, with a special focus on Mindfulness and Coaching.


Based MBSR

A weekend
15 hours

Course based on MBSR, adapted to the weekend format and intensity.

Its content includes Mindfulness topics that are not included in the MBSR program. 


For helping professionals

A weekend
15 hours

A program aimed at professionals who wish to reinforce their skills with Mindfulness, thus serving as a complement to their activity.

Experience in Mindfulness/meditation required.

Children/young people

Eight week program

eight weeks
8 hours

A program aimed at children/young people who want to develop emotional and mental skills through Mindfulness training.

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