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There is an urgent need to provide employees with internal resources for their emotional and mental regulation.

Mindfulness, due to its ease of implementation, low cost and high results, has been implemented in several companies around the world, such as Google, SAP, Santander among many others.

You can opt for a one-off event or something more structured and with different objectives, and the ideal is to obtain a free consultation with us about what best suits your company.

Before contacting you, you can consult the typified offer.


Meditation sessions

Mindfulness and relaxation

It consists of a 60 to 120 minute session, essentially practical for  experience some of the benefits of the practice.


Retreat for companies

It consists of a half-day or one-day retreat, where employees can enjoy some Mindfulness meditation practices, with or without a period of silence, and some theoretical content, for use in everyday life.

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Short-term training

It consists of 60 to 120 min workshops, in a business environment, which combines theoretical content, in order to provide credibility and motivation. Some practices will be carried out to provide knowledge through experience.

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Long-term training

With the aim of consistently implementing the benefits of Mindfulness. The training structure can be adapted to the company's needs.

The courses were developed by globally recognized colleges such as Oxford in England and San Diego in California, USA.

The courses are facilitated by trainers certified by these same Mindfulness institutes.

Companies we have had the privilege of collaborating with

Banco Santander Consumer                                             AKI

 Medtronic                                                  Multicare                                               BroadWay   

                                       IBM                                                 InnoEnergy,                                   YLD 

Jungheinrich                                               AGEAS                                                HP

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