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What people say!

On this page you will find some testimonials from participants in the courses I teach, as well as some photos of the in-person and online format.

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MBSR course

Susana Matias

“The MBSR course was one of the biggest and best discoveries I made in my life!

It's not just about knowing how to meditate, stop, reduce stress or be more aware... 

It is an internal transformation that makes Mindfulness a way of being in life, not only because of its benefits but because of the way we start to see and observe what surrounds us.

I loved the experience of taking this course and this is also due to António, who is extremely competent and has an empathy that makes anyone fall in love with Mindfulness.

I recommend it 100%.
I would do it all again!

MBSR course


I have no words, António, I don't even think about the investment, because I think it was little, compared to what he gave me and what he taught me.

Very grateful for being who you are, and for appearing like this suddenly in people's lives. That moment when I called you and heard your voice allowed me to embark on the adventure of being able to experience the present moment, the bodyscan, everything... Gratitude🙏


May you continue to be this enlightened being, gratitude for the experience, and internalize it, even though it may be a great and exaggerated compliment, but for me it was my guru. I learned to perfect my techniques with you, and it worked, I have been working on other areas in my life and it will help me a lot.


Continue with your gift of helping other people, guiding them... I loved it

Immense gratitude

MBSR course

Vanda Correia

“Practicing the Mindfulness course was a unique experience, never experienced before.

It allowed sharing with others an inner experience of discovery. Through the practice of meditation and the fusion of the meeting of the mind integrated into the body, it enabled the sensitive exploration of a perception of what surrounds me, experienced in a more “conscious and full” way.

Love, compassion for ourselves, without blame and judgment, provides the possibility of savoring our dedication to others, with more availability without resentment. This dedication of heart, of will, can overcome barriers and reach the smallest part of our “being”. It was in this constant search that life provides, that the course helped me, with patience and gratitude, in the search to be happy and savor life in its “essence”.

Thank you very, very much for sharing your discoveries on this personal journey that you are taking…”

MBSR course

Teresa Martins

“I am completely grateful for our Mindfulness training

Mindfulness changed my life!!! 
I now observe that all of us, internally, have full capacity to manage obstacles and moments of stress naturally and objectively.

Just live the Here and Now, Live the Present Moment with total awareness and emotion 

Mindfulness is a tool and technique that keeps us aware of the true priorities of life that drives us to know how to live with full quality of life.


MBSR course


“ Finally, I would like to share some good news! I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!! 😊 😊 😊 😊


I want to thank you for all the help you consciously or unconsciously gave me. Mindfulness was very important in achieving this great life goal! After several years of trying, a simple phrase allowed me to see things from a different perspective, without fears, without “here and now” expectations. The impact that the course had on me is so fantastic that at key moments in this spectacular situation, some of the key phrases we worked on "appeared in me" naturally. "Listen to the body". I could hear it!! And in fact, at 4 am I got up ready to take the pregnancy test... I can't explain why it was at this time, but I woke up knowing, absolutely calmly, that it was what I had to do ! I didn't even want to believe that I respected myself and the time I needed, at any other time I would have already taken the test days ago and in total pain!! 😊 I started looking at babies and pregnant women with compassion, without envy or any other negative feelings and it was so good to see things differently! 😊


Currently I continue to feel the effect of mindfulness...despite being pregnant for a short time and all the fears and concerns inherent to this situation, I accept it, without criticism and above all without letting myself be dominated! My doctor fell and has not been able to give consultations, I have been assisted by another doctor who only did two ultrasounds and says things like "it's too early", "let's see"... at any other time there would have been 50 doctors and 200 hospitals. Currently I feel like I'm fine and that's enough for me! I am living this phase calmly and learning to trust myself and the natural timing of things, without rushing. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! 😊

"Discover your path"

Vanessa Neves

It's difficult to find the right words to describe what the "discover your path" course brought me, both personally and professionally, as well as in so many other areas of my life. I found the peace and tranquility I had been looking for for a long time.


It's incredible how in 12 weeks, I changed jobs, changed my lifestyle, started to see my daily life as a pleasant gift, learning to give love and receiving happiness.


António is a dedicated, attentive, insightful professional, always with the right word and the right exercise at every moment. This course was formatted so well that with each passing week I felt myself growing spiritually and this is reflected in all aspects of my life. I entered this course without really knowing what was coming, now I'm sure it was one of the best decisions of my life.


Thank you for everything António!

"Discover your path"

Irina Gomes

“I started this course with a huge desire to change my life professionally.


Over the weeks I realized how important it was for me to work on spirituality and self-knowledge. Without getting closer to my essence, nothing would make sense and I would remain upset.


António, with his assertiveness and insight, but always with great respect for my pace, was fundamental in this process. He guided me and the group, always with great affection and without judgement, which allowed for greater dedication on the part of everyone.


I am grateful to this “cute melga” for encouraging me and helping me find my “place”.


António continues this path, YOUR WAY.  "

Practical course - INCTA

Carolina Araújo

It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to meet him and take the mindfulness training!

I usually listen to music when I go to train. However, yesterday I chose to leave everything at home and exchange music for contemplation and mindfulness. 

It started to rain and I just ran to enjoy the present moment, the touch of rainwater, the smell, the sounds and the night lights around me.


It's so comforting to feel alive.

Very grateful for what I learned in training and that brought me more moments like the one I described. 

Practical course - INCTA

Paula Silva

At the end of this first course, I can only be grateful to you for sharing... unique... genuine... and so transformative for me. 

It was the right time and the right moment... with the best company. I thank the Universe when it elevated this experience on the scale of priorities... I have a habit of getting lost in the pros and cons and... curious... I didn't find any cons 🤔 . 
But I know that your time is valuable and I'm not going to waste it on thoughts that you already know and many people have told you before!

In short, I want you to know that I'm not the same anymore... I'm calmer and more balanced... deeply  grateful and I know that this was just the beginning of something that I'm going to want to take in my backpack, on this trip of mine!


To you Master (António) my eternal gratitude...

Advanced practical course

Patricia Mano

The weekend of the Practical Mindfulness Course - Advanced Module was a great moment of inspiration, challenge, but also very comforting. Sometimes words are not enough to describe such profound experiences, like the one I experienced this weekend. And although I remained more silent, the feeling of common humanity was always present in my heart and in the attentive listening to each sharing by my colleagues or António's teaching.


António, with great humility and compassion, guided the group, bringing a smile to all of us and allowing us to feel welcomed in our process.

For me it was comforting to remember, BE, with a beginner's mind and gratitude for the path.
Congratulations to António for guiding us on this journey with this deep belief in a better world :)

Advanced practical course


When I think about our training yesterday, I feel immense peace. The feeling that remained is one of immense tranquility and dignity.


Difficult to put into words... 

I understood that the main thing, to be instructors, to lead others to a space of well-being, is to be that space ourselves where they can discover themselves, find themselves and build their path. 

And I understood this through his attitude during the training, because António was that space where we could Be. 

Weekly practices

Isabel Bastos - Nurse

Although I had been practicing meditation for a few years and was actually leading 2 groups at the beginning of the pandemic, the fact that we were deprived of face-to-face activities and became socially isolated, destabilized me a lot.
I became very irregular when it came to my daily practice and I even spent a few months, in the summer of 2020, without meditating.
Finding António was for me the "return to the path of Light", to the only one who guides us and in which we feel at Peace.


Although we don't know each other in person, there is a strong connection in the group I attend online, guided by António's wonderful voice. He has the gift of telling us the right words that go straight to each one's ❤️.
I feel enormous gratitude for having crossed paths and great joy when the time comes to "connect" at 3pm and 5pm 🙂
I returned to the daily practice of meditation and have been able to face the challenges that life has presented me with great serenity and confidence!

Thank you António, for being in my life ❤️

Weekly practices


Meditation is one of the most important components of my “toolbox” for life. 

I use it at different times, whether to relieve feelings of stress, irritation or melancholy, or to contemplate life and nature, amplifying feelings of joy and well-being. 

The weekly moments with Antonio allow me to systematically practice meditation, which, as with any tool, is essential for dexterity. At the same time, they are, in themselves, moments of sharing good energy, increasing inner peace and well-being.

I am very grateful to have found Antonio at this point in my journey. 

Advanced practical course

Ricardo Nunes

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the training. 
It was an especially profound formation for me, as I understood that we have everything within us.


This insight made me realize my true responsibility, as our personal practice is the foundation of everything. 

I understood more about the importance of our sensitive processes and our stance as facilitators to guide people through their process, in an ethical way.
I also learned better how to guide mindfulness practices. 
António's attitude is truly inspiring to me, as is the way he transmits teachings and the teachings that I had the opportunity to learn. 
In this training I was aware that I am making my way, step by step, and I know that this is a path for life.
I feel very grateful for having had the opportunity to live this experience. Thank you very much.

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