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The courses taught have a scientific basis, being guided by a specialized professional.

Aimed at adults and young people, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Events aimed at the needs of the company and its employees.


Mindfulness or other topics related to human balance, such as stress, sleep, relaxation, physical exercise.


There is an urgent need to provide environments and strategies for our children for self-regulation, attention and creativity.

What differentiates us from machines must be enhanced.

Professional qualification

A program aimed at professionals who wish to reinforce their skills with Mindfulness, thus serving as a complement to their activity.


Retreats about  themes of Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and physical Health.

We can create a retreat adapted to your needs.

Individual monitoring

A personalized service, where you can choose a therapy format, or specific mindfulness sessions or through an eight-week course.

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