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What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ancient meditative practicewhich was transformed and adapted by the medical and scientific community to Western concepts and our way of living, being considered a 3rd generation cognitive behavioral therapy, with strong evidence in improving mental health and increased general well-being.

Mindfulness is presented in several eight-week programs, with different purposes, always based on the study of its effects on those who practice it, which is the reason why it is present in all areas today.eas of society.

There are many myths surrounding Mindfulness, as with everything that is unknown, so it is important to find a certified professional and practice to notice how simple it is to practice Mindfulness.

The practice of Mindfulness consists of exploring the reality that is happening in your body at the present moment, through noticing thoughts, sensations, emotions and reactions, providing awareness of behavior patterns, so that your change.

You can try a session for free if you feel like it.

Where is Mindfulness being applied

Today, Mindfulness programs are implemented in different areas of society, such as companies, education and health, having reached millions of people around the world.

The areas of society with the most sustained implementation are business and educational, andCompanies such as Google, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Apple, Credit Suisse, KPMG, Reuters, Santander, SAP, Galp, McKinsey, MIT, among many others, saw mindfulness as a way of increase the well-being of your employees and increase your company's productivity. In education, implementation is taking place gradually throughout the world, with emphasis on  England, where the subject Mindfulness has already been integrated into the school program.

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